Country Look's Iceflower From North

Country Look's Famous Grouse Cambremer Wellington Hawksmoors Webster AMCH Dickendall Arnold AMCH Dickendalls Ruffy
Dickendalls A-Ha
Hawksmoors Ravens Flight AMCH Borador's Lord Travis
Mascoot Rayners Choice
Cambremer Jazzmine Charway Uncle Tom GBCH Charway Ballywill Will
Wetherlam Black Cherry of Charway
GBSHCH Cambremer All That Jazz GBCH Kupros Master Mariner
Cambremer Montclair
Applejack's Ticket to The Blue Applejack's Royal Entertainer GBSHCH Sandylands Royal Escort GBCH Ransom of Sandylands
Sandylands Bramble
Newinn Isis Newinn Joker
Poolstead Polyphoto of Newinn
Applejack's Marie Brizard NORDUCH INTUCH NORDV-78 Licithas Blizzard NORDUCH INTUCH Baronor Phoenix
SUCH NUCH Licithas Poppet
Rocknell Alexandra of Trewinnard GBSHCH Trewinnard Not Likely
Wendover Monello
Applejack's Sempre Sempre Tissalian Dexter GBSHCH Beltarn Diuma of Newinn GBCH Kupros Master Mariner GBSHCH AMCH Lindall Mastercraft
Kupros Bridget
Beltarn Princess Goda Newinn Natterjack
Follytower Broom
Rocheby Fair Play of Tissalian Rocheby Play The Game Playmate of Bensondale
Rocheby Polished Oak
Foxrush Anenome of Rocheby Sandylands April Fool
GBCH Aditis Becky of Foxrush
Applejack's Sweet Charity Applejack's Duelling Banjo Minnows Winter Whizz NORDUCH INTUCH NORDV-78 Licithas Blizzard
Sandylands Poser
Newinn Freetime Newinn Natterjack
Poolstead Polyphoto of Newinn
Applejack's Sweet Elaine Campbell GBSHCH Heatherbourne Court Jester GBSHCH Bradking Cassidy
GBSHCH Copperhill Lyric of Heatherbourne
Applejack's Sweet-Sherry Grock of Mansergh